About Me

Yep, that's me!
Hi, Welcome to my blog! I just wanted to share a little bit about myself

So my name is Andi and I've always loved design and crafts from a small age. I feel like I came from a family that likes to create, my father has been a general contractor for many years, my brother owns his own cabinetry business where he custom makes cabinets as well as furniture and my sisters like finding great things at the thrift store and always changing up their homes. As a child, I use to switch my room around every 6 months because I felt I always needed a change. I decided in high school that I wanted to go into Interior Design, so I began college at a local university where I was living and decided to hold off on finishing school because the university didn't have an Interior Design degree at the time. I got married, had two kids and by my wonderful husbands push I went back to school to do what I love to do. I'm a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Residential Planning. While in school, I took a Furniture History course and this is where my love of furniture came from. From then on, I've started taking old furniture and giving it a new, fresh look. I hope you enjoy my furniture transformations and will feel inspired as I have over the last year.

Favorite Interior Designers:
I have a few designers that I admire because they have a little taste of modern with beauty and class. One that makes the top of my list is Candice Olson. I love how she can take any room and transform it into a luxury space. I love her grace and poise, I love the beauty she brings to any space. I think out of anyone she stands out the most to me and makes me want to be a better designer and bring out my creative side.
My next person I enjoy looking at their work is Nate Berkus. He also brings beauty and class to any space he designs. I also really like that a lot of his designs are done with a small budget.

Favorite Design style:

Over time I've learned to love Shabby chic. I also really love simple modern styles. Not too over the top. Asian style is another one I enjoy looking at.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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