Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fabric Picture Frames

From previous post. To finish my wall I decided to use some left over fabric from my pillows that I just made.

I bought some 8 x 10 frames at a thrift store for $4, painted them and then attached the fabric on the frame backing, distressed and finished. Here is the final result!
Paint used valspar (color similar to ocean sea breeze from krylon)

Side Note: for some reason the color wasn't showing quite well. I'm still working on getting more light in my apartment. :)

My Dining room wall.... DIY Framed mirrors

My apartment has been a work in progress. Before I moved I bought some mirrors at the dollar store and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them until I saw this at Pottery barn

So instead of paying $150 I decided I would make them. Here's how I did it:

First I purchased some frames at a local thrift store for about $10.

Then I got my table saw, ( I would love to get and electric saw, I just don't have a place for it right now) and measured my mirror. the mirror was 5"x 5". Here is what it looked like before I assembled

Then I used Gorilla glue to put back together, primed and painted (don't mind the bigger frames, that will be for another project)

Then I added the mirrors, I used gorilla glue for that as well. Then I distressed the frames to what I wanted and here is the finished result!

$3 mirrors
$10 frames
$6 paint

Total cost:

Can't beat that price!

Stay tuned for the finished wall!

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The DIY Show Off


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love to redo a Kitchen, but don't know what style you like?

When I was in school and learning about kitchen design I found this site to be helpful. Kitchens.com
This site will give you photos of different types of kitchens and what others have done. I just want to explain and show some picture of kitchens I like.

Traditional Style Kitchens:

Traditional kitchens have an elegant, formal characteristics of kitchens in Europe during the 18-20th centuries. Looks include elaborate crown molding and trim, dark tone woods, stone counter tops, raised panel cabinet doors.

Here are some of my favorite pictures under traditional

Great Northern Kitchen and Bath

Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath

Contemporary Style Kitchen:
Contemporary kitchens are modern, minimalistic, and geometric. Characteristics include clean lines, cabinet and flooring are made of natural materials, chrome or stainless steel appliances, sometimes glass upper cabinets, warm color tones.

Here are some of my favorites

Viking Kitchen Cabinets

Drury Design Kitchen and Bath

Northbay Kitchen & Bath, CA

There are more styles you can choose from but these are just two
of my favorite kitchen styles.
If you have questions or would like me
to do another segment about kitchens,
just email me! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Feature Blog Friday- Twice lovely

I would of written this earlier but had my daughters birthday party which turned out to be fun. I can't believe she is 5 years old! my, how time flys!

So anyway, I wanted to share with you today one of my favorite blogs, Twice Lovely
I have to say, these ladies are super talented and with their busy lives with families and their business they make it look so easy!
Here are some of my favorite projects from them

I love this because it's a creative way to add damask 
prints to any room!

After I saw this post, I started looking
for the right project to do something like
this too! 

I saw this post a couple of days ago and 
automatically fell in love. What a fun piece to have

Thanks Ladies at Twice Lovely for creating such great pieces!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting back to painting......Console table

So I forgot to take a before picture and I thought my client had sent me a before picture and can't find it. So I guess you only get to see the after photos.

I'm so excited for spring because that means I have more days that I can paint without it being too cold. Today was also a plus because it actually wasn't raining today. :)
Don't get me wrong , I love Washington State and the rain, I just don't like it when I'm trying to get projects done. :0

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Favorite Chairs

Since I'm  working on some projects and waiting to get some pictures of a project I did while I was in Utah, I thought I would share some of my favorite chairs.

#1 Anthropologies Corrigan Chair

I love tufted chairs so much because it gives a sleek,
classic look!

#2  Mission Chair- Found at Overstock.com
I love this chair because it reminds me of the one
I had before I moved. My husband found it at
a thrift shop and it was so comfy. 
When I was visiting in Utah I found out that my
parents had kept it, so hopefully I can bring it with
me the next time I visit.

#3 Cozumel Chaise lounge- overstock.com
I love this one because it is perfect for reading
or just relaxing after a long day!

#4 Wing chair- found at overstock.com
I've always loved wing chairs and recently reupholstered a wing chair
for my sister.

#5 armless chair- overstock.com
I just love this one. I would like to make one
by myself!

The last two pictures I just loved the placement of these chairs. 
This was found on Hgtv

Do you have a favorite chair you would like to feature? send me a email
and I will be posting some of your favorites

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Japan- Please Help

I've seen this on a few blogs today and would like to help spread the word. 
This is very close to my heart because my husband is half Japanese and 
still has family there. Please help to spread the word and if you can 
donate that would be great too! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New pillows for my sofa

Remember these that I made a few months back?

Well I decided to change them up a little bit
so here are my new throw pillows

I love them!
sorry about the spot on the couch. My kids got to it before
I took the picture. Now I need to wash the seat cushion again! lol

What do you think about the change?


Hi, sorry about deserting you guys! Things have been so crazy around here, between getting my little girl registered for kindergarten and my birthday I've been a busy woman. Hopefully I will have more projects to show on here soon.

So Here is the first thing I did when I moved into our current apartment was placement of candles. I love candles! so here are some pictures

This is a candle arrangment I did for my coffee
table. If you look closely you can see a 
my new entertainment center that I found
at a thrift store that will get a paint job when
it warms up!

This is what I decided to do for my table. for my 
birthday I bought myself a new table and chairs. I've
been looking for one I could redo for about a year with
no luck. I love this one anyways!

I also did another arrangement for my bathroom, which I will show at another date.
comments would be great! thanks for being patient with me!


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