Saturday, March 19, 2011

Favorite Chairs

Since I'm  working on some projects and waiting to get some pictures of a project I did while I was in Utah, I thought I would share some of my favorite chairs.

#1 Anthropologies Corrigan Chair

I love tufted chairs so much because it gives a sleek,
classic look!

#2  Mission Chair- Found at
I love this chair because it reminds me of the one
I had before I moved. My husband found it at
a thrift shop and it was so comfy. 
When I was visiting in Utah I found out that my
parents had kept it, so hopefully I can bring it with
me the next time I visit.

#3 Cozumel Chaise lounge-
I love this one because it is perfect for reading
or just relaxing after a long day!

#4 Wing chair- found at
I've always loved wing chairs and recently reupholstered a wing chair
for my sister.

#5 armless chair-
I just love this one. I would like to make one
by myself!

The last two pictures I just loved the placement of these chairs. 
This was found on Hgtv

Do you have a favorite chair you would like to feature? send me a email
and I will be posting some of your favorites

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