Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love to redo a Kitchen, but don't know what style you like?

When I was in school and learning about kitchen design I found this site to be helpful.
This site will give you photos of different types of kitchens and what others have done. I just want to explain and show some picture of kitchens I like.

Traditional Style Kitchens:

Traditional kitchens have an elegant, formal characteristics of kitchens in Europe during the 18-20th centuries. Looks include elaborate crown molding and trim, dark tone woods, stone counter tops, raised panel cabinet doors.

Here are some of my favorite pictures under traditional

Great Northern Kitchen and Bath

Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath

Contemporary Style Kitchen:
Contemporary kitchens are modern, minimalistic, and geometric. Characteristics include clean lines, cabinet and flooring are made of natural materials, chrome or stainless steel appliances, sometimes glass upper cabinets, warm color tones.

Here are some of my favorites

Viking Kitchen Cabinets

Drury Design Kitchen and Bath

Northbay Kitchen & Bath, CA

There are more styles you can choose from but these are just two
of my favorite kitchen styles.
If you have questions or would like me
to do another segment about kitchens,
just email me! :)

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