Friday, January 28, 2011

Table Runner

Have you ever wondered how to make a table runner? Well, I have just completed one and I'm ready to show and tell!

My wonderful client wanted a table runner to match her awesome chairs and so of course I said it wouldn't be a problem and went to work (This was after I finished the chairs)

Here is a little drawing to show you the size it needed to be

After I cut out the top and bottom portion I began pinning the piping  in between the top and bottom, inside out. Here is a picture to show you

Once I did that, I then put it back right side in and folded the bottoms to make a point. then sewed it together. Sorry I don't have a picture of that part. I think overall, it was  a pretty simple project and my clients loved it!

And here it is again! Doesn't it look awesome???

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Blue Seat Cushions

About a month ago I was able to sale my Blue Club Chair to a friend of mine and because of this beautiful chair, she wanted me to do her dining room seat cushions in the same fabric. I have to admit that I love this fabric because it is so easy to work with. It's just suede but it's fantastic!!!!
Anyway, here is the before and after

I love it!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goal for 2011

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I just wanted to share with you one of my goals this year.

My goal is to get 200 followers on this blog. If I am able to do so I will host another big giveaway like I did the first of the year.

Remember this awesome piece?

So please spread the word as I try to accomplish this goal for the year. I promise that you wont be disappointed with the next giveaway! Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hurricane Vases

I saw a post done from Lovely Crafty Home a couple of weeks ago and thought it was very creative so I decided to try it.

 These ones are from Pottery Barn

So since there is already a tutorial on Lovely Crafty Homes blog I wont show you how I did it because it was the same way. I went to the dollar store and purchased enough to make two so it was around $4 dollars. Can't beat $4!!!!
Here they are. I don't have anything in them right now since I'm in the process of packing up things. So once I get settled I will be posting where I end up putting them.

I think I will be making more of these! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Feature- Design Sponge

I wanted to do a quick post today on one of my favorite design sites!

Design Sponge

I love this site because of it shows some of my favorite things like DIY projects and before and after photos. I love seeing the transformations made to furniture and anything in between. I believe this was one of the first design sites I started looking at a few years ago when I was starting to get into Interior Design again. Here are a few links to some of my favorite posts

Before and After craft station

Before and After Chair and Headboard

DIY Wallpaper File Cabinet

DIY Stitched leather desk

This may be my last feature Friday for a few weeks due to moving and vacation to see family. So when I start up again, look forward to some great features! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Headboards

I've been working hard this week with a upcoming project that will take a little bit longer than expected, but when it is finished of course I will be posting. :)

So, Until then I wanted to show you some of my favorite DIY headboards. I want to make one for myself, which will be on my long to do list. Sigh.  :)

All of these can be found on HGTV

I love this Headboard because of the long rectangle shape
and because it reminds me of mosaic tile  


 I just love the idea of a shutter headboard. I think this is super creative 
and pretty easy to find materials! :)

 Same as above. Seriously super awesome!

This one is great because the vertical lines from the headboard makes
the room look longer and more spacious.

 I like the idea of using frames with different colors of fabric to create not only
art but a great headboard.

Love the rustic country look!
You really need to check out this designers blog

I love every thing about this room! I'm a big fan of tufted items because it 
brings in a classic,warm space. I also like how this room is set up. They did it 
in a way where this area is more open. LOVE IT!!!!

So what are some of your favorite headboards? comments and links would be awesome!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silhouette Giveaway at All things thrify!

All things thrifty is giving away a Silhouette SD cutting machine! Head over there right now if you haven't and enter for your chance to win! If not, more chances for me!
I've wanted one for a while since I found out that you can use font styles that I have on the computer and don't have to spend a lot like you would with the Cricket. :)

Good luck everyone!!!

Here's the link giveaway

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gorgeous Dining Room Chairs

These are my client's dining room chairs. They wanted to do two different types of fabric and I think they did a awesome job picking out the colors. The table is a set of eight, this is the first chair. I will be posting when I finish the other 7. Comments would me wonderful!



Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Friday- The DIY show off

Hey everyone!
I wanted to show case the DIY show off today because of how awesome this blog is!Here are the reasons why I love this site so much.

-I love the projects featured. She makes it so easy to do!

-I love that she not only does furniture, she also does decorations for holidays

-I love her link parties!!!

She and so many other are inspiration and help me to enjoy what I'm doing more. I hope that one day I can have a great product to be included in her wonderful features!

Thanks DIY show off for your wonderful example!

Ottoman now on sale

I've finally listed my ottoman for sale. Here are your options:

*purchase at my etsy store

*purchase on my blog here

*or purchase directly through me, you can email me at

There are price differences on my etsy store and my blog. So you can pick which ever. For those of you that received the 25% discount you can use it any of the three and I will take it. If you purchase directly through me it will be the same price as the blog. The cost of shipping is determined by the longest distance. If you live closer to Washington just let me know and I will adjust the shipping cost. shipping will be through UPS, but if you would like a different shipping service let me know. I'm pretty flexible with what ever you would like.
Thanks Ladies!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drapes- turning one into two

My client came to me and asked to change this drape into two and overall it wasn't too hard. The hard part was the length of the drapes, they are about 55" long at least and the material is made of a thick Velvet. Beautiful fabric but kind of hard to work with. (I need to remember if I can sew Vinyl, then I can sew anything) :)
The before picture doesn't show the all of the drapes because my window isn't that tall to show all of it.

So, as you can see, the inseam was in the middle of the drape. I use my seam ripper and took it apart. sorry I don't have a picture of that step.
after I took the inseam out I began sewing the ends of each. Here is what it looks like

Sorry it's a little blurry. Since I didn't really have time to take the whole thing apart to sew inside out, on the top I just sewed it together and then started sewing on the inside. picture below

And here is the after

I think they look pretty good. Do you have drapes that you have done where the fabric was super thick?

Ottoman Giveaway winner!

I've been so excited all weekend to see who won! I wish I could give each of you one and since I had such a huge response I will be doing more of these giveaways so keep reading my blog to see when I do more. :)

Now on to the winner. Winner was chosen by and the winner is

Kirstin said...

Okay, I am a follower.
December 29, 2010 2:18 PM

Congrats to Kirstin!!! I will be emailing you soon!

From my giveaway post I added that the first five people would receive a 25% discount to my etsy store. I'm still in the process of getting that up so I will be emailing you as soon as it is up if you would like to purchase one. Here are the people that will receive the 25% discount

1.  Ann
2. Renee
3. Lindsey @ better after
4. Jami @ Freckled Laundry
5. Karryann @Gracefully Vintage

Thanks again ladies for entering and I look forward to the next giveaway!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Project done for the year- Lamps!

My client had these lamps that desperately needed a change and wanted to make it as simple as possible.
She didn't like the Southwestern theme because of the color and that it is Ceramic.

Here is the before picture

 So I went to work. I bought some Rust-oleum Stone Gray paint
I love this paint because it has double the coverage and I also have less paint runs if any.
for the shades, I went to Joann's fabric and bought some cream color fabric (trying to keep it as simple as possible). When I was putting on the fabric I wanted just a smooth surface and was having a hard time doing it because of the shape of the shades, and so I decided to make it pleated. That way it gave it a classic look but stayed simple.

So here is the after
 Without the lamp shades

What do you think?

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

I'm so excited to tell you that I've received a stylish blog award from Krafty Kat! I feel so honored!
This really made my first day of 2011 joyous. What's really great is it is awarded to recently discovered blogs and I'm just so amazed at the response in the last couple of days. I love blogging and I've learned so much in the last few months! Thank you again for a great start to the new year!

 So, Here's how it works...

There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!
So here are 7 things about myself 
1. I'm a big fanatic of lotions and candles! I seriously own about 26 different kinds of lotions.

2. My favorite movies are comedies, Historical fictions, Action and suspense thrillers

3. My new years resolution consists of running a 5k, 10k and half marathon. I'll keep you posted on my progress! :)

4. When I like a TV show, I can watch old episodes for hours. (usually at night, when the kids are in bed)

5. I taught myself how to upholster!

6. I just recently started wearing high heels again. the last time I owned a pair was in 2000. 

7. I love flip flops (hint, that's why I never wore high heels!)

These are 15 awesome bloggers that I want to award:

Check out these incredibly talented blogs and stay turned for Tuesday when I announce the winner of my beautiful Ottoman!


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