Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drapes- turning one into two

My client came to me and asked to change this drape into two and overall it wasn't too hard. The hard part was the length of the drapes, they are about 55" long at least and the material is made of a thick Velvet. Beautiful fabric but kind of hard to work with. (I need to remember if I can sew Vinyl, then I can sew anything) :)
The before picture doesn't show the all of the drapes because my window isn't that tall to show all of it.

So, as you can see, the inseam was in the middle of the drape. I use my seam ripper and took it apart. sorry I don't have a picture of that step.
after I took the inseam out I began sewing the ends of each. Here is what it looks like

Sorry it's a little blurry. Since I didn't really have time to take the whole thing apart to sew inside out, on the top I just sewed it together and then started sewing on the inside. picture below

And here is the after

I think they look pretty good. Do you have drapes that you have done where the fabric was super thick?


  1. I think it looks a million times better now that its split in two! Good work!

  2. Super smart! :)
    I lucked out and scored a 96" wide curtain at the thrift shop (exact color that I needed). That baby was cut into 4 pieces for two windows! lol



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