Friday, January 28, 2011

Table Runner

Have you ever wondered how to make a table runner? Well, I have just completed one and I'm ready to show and tell!

My wonderful client wanted a table runner to match her awesome chairs and so of course I said it wouldn't be a problem and went to work (This was after I finished the chairs)

Here is a little drawing to show you the size it needed to be

After I cut out the top and bottom portion I began pinning the piping  in between the top and bottom, inside out. Here is a picture to show you

Once I did that, I then put it back right side in and folded the bottoms to make a point. then sewed it together. Sorry I don't have a picture of that part. I think overall, it was  a pretty simple project and my clients loved it!

And here it is again! Doesn't it look awesome???

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  1. It looks great. Thanks for showing us how!


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