Monday, July 12, 2010

Buffet Table

My husband found this at a local thrift store for $70 and we have been using it as a tv stand for a while. I didn't really like the handles and have wanted to change it for sometime. I was finally able to do it this weekend and love the results. I feel the pictures don't really do it justice but I love it anyways. If you can't tell, the color chosen was Burgundy with a black glazing for the edges. I also found the knobs at target. Let me know what you think!


After- sorry about the picture quality

Showing the black glazing detail


  1. amazing what a little paint can do! I love how the black glaze looks on it.

  2. This is really nice- I want to do something similar and have been watching Craigslist for the perfect piece. But... my husband is concerned that the paint will just chip/peel off! How do you finish it, and keep it looking great?


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