Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Budget friendly places to shop for fabric

When I starting out in school learning about fabric and color, I was introduced to a variety of great fabric manufactures such as Robert Allen, Duralee, Kravet just to name a few. When thinking of price per yard at one of these stores it can get pretty expensive. So to get the best for your buck I've come together with a few of my favorite fabric stores for home decor.

#1. Hancock Fabric

I love Hancock fabric because they have a great selection at decent prices, you can also get online coupons and get a bigger discount on your favorite fabric. Lately, that's the only way I can afford fabric is by using a coupon. Here are some of my favorite fabric.

#2 Joann's Fabric

I love Joann's fabric for the same reason as Hancock. Price is reasonable and coupons are great to have. One difference between Joann's and Hancock is when it comes to purchasing high density foam. (if you are are making chair seats or upholstery) At Joann's you can buy it by the yard where as at Hancock you can't at least at the store. If anyone knows different let me know. Maybe it depends on the store. Here are some favorite fabric.

I'm sure you are seeing a pattern right now of what my favorite colors and style is. :) I like other colors but these are just my favorite!

#3. Home Fabrics

I actually have not been to this store since the closest store is in Las Vegas but I've heard nothing but good things about this place, especially their closeouts where you can get fabric at $1 a yard. Can't beat that! :) If I ever adventure down that way and find some fabric I'll be writing about it! :)

#4. Fabric.com

I used this site when I found some great fabric for my daughters Chest. Great costs and great selection!

If you have any other great sites or fabric stores you like please share!


  1. We're pretty limited here is Cedar, although we did just get a JoAnn's and I am officially obsessed. Ron says I'm not alowed into the store...

    I love to buy fabric on Etsy, but I'm unsually doing small projects and the per/yard price if pretty expensive for my cheap-o budget :)

  2. craftersvision.com has great prices, but I don't think they have really heavy decorator fabric. Depends on what you're looking for. They carry some beautiful Michael miller & Amy Butler patterns


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