Friday, December 3, 2010

Branching Out!

Last year, when I was going to school for Interior Design I loved looking at all the different styles of furniture and decor and wondered if I had it in me to recreate something. Now the time has come to spread my wings and start making custom furniture. Here is the other reason why. Growing up, I came from a family that consisted with a dad who is a contractor and was influenced by home design, a brother who got into building Cabinets for a living and was surrounded by different types of wood and smells. I feel like one way or another, I've always had it in me to build something or design something.
Anyways, So I decided to start out small. I am going to build an ottoman! Hard? I guess we will see!
So here is the fun part, when I am finished I would like to do a special giveaway and give the ottoman to whoever wins. Sound like a plan? Alright!!!! lets get started!

Here are some simple ideas for an ottoman, stay tuned to see what I come up with!

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